Getting Car Insurance Quotes for A Teenager

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Reports and statistics reveal that teenage drivers are not looked upon as favorably by the insurance companies. It has been found that the teenagers get into the accidents at least six times more often than the drivers aged above 25. Therefore, it is no surprise to see insurance premiums higher for this age group. In case you are planning to take out a car insurance for your teenage son or daughter, here are certain tips to keep in mind so as to not only get the best coverage but also low the car insurance quotes.

You will be pleased to know that not all car insurance companies look upon teenagers as very risky and will offer you ways and means to lower the costs. Let us take a look at some suggestions that will help lower premiums and keep the license of the teenager free of violations:

  • Ask your child to keep their driving record clean and make him understand the laws and drive safe.  Set a good example to your teenager by driving carefully. If you are jumping lights or drive under influence, expect your child to follow suit. You will have little convincing to do.
  • You can always get your teenager on your own policy and club the insurance to lower those car insurance quotes and add as an additional driver. Al facilities and discounts of your policy will get passed on to them.
  • Tell your teenager to study hard and get good grades as insurance companies look upon a responsible student to be a good and a responsible driver too. A GPA of 3.0 or higher can easily lower those premiums by 10 percent.
  • Get them enrolled in driver education courses as discounts are offered for teens who are known to attend driving classes. Just call the car insurance company and find out which schools are preferred by them.
  • Don’t give in to your teen’s demand of getting a sports car, even if you can afford. Always give him a safe car to drive and not one that he fancies or doesn’t need. Get it equipped with the latest safety equipment to lower those premiums. You will not only save on money but be glad that your teenager is driving a good and a safe car.

Involve your son or daughter when looking at different car insurance quotes. Let them feel responsible and important and you may be surprised to see them taking active interest on how to lower the costs of the insurance. Just follow the above suggestions and you can be sure that you have got the right insurance for your teenager as well as groomed him into a responsible driver.


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