Myths related to Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial Auto Insurance is an important one, especially if you have vehicles being used for your business. However, like with other insurances, there are a couple of myths that surround the insurance and prevent the business owners to get the real picture.  The prime focus of this page is to blurt the false notions and lay the exact picture before you. This will help clear those doubts and aid you in taking the right decisions.

Save money by canceling seasonal auto insurance

Even if you are not using vehicles for your business in the off season, the stored vehicles will still need safety and protection. Do not cancel and insurance so as to get a comprehensive coverage against incidents, like thefts and vandalism. In fact, dropping the insurance and then buying it again in the peak season may only add to the costs.

It gets cheaper if you buy all insurance products from the same company

This is another myth that circulates the industry. There are an innumerable kinds and number of coverage available in the market. One can make some good comparisons and get their insurance these products from different companies to save money. So, look around to find the best deal and don‘t stick to just one insurance provider.

Your employees too get covered when they are driving business vehicles

This isn’t true as some insurance providers offer coverage to drivers who are named on the policy. Look for permissive use that offers protection to all the drivers involved in the business and driving the vehicles.

All insurance companies offer round the clock services

This one may shock you as the truth is that insurance companies are available only during the regular office hours. Therefore, this is the best time to approach them in case of filing a claim, paying bills or adding a vehicle to your policy. Therefore, check the exact working hours of the insurance company as time is money in business.

In case you still have any more doubts related to commercial auto insurance, it would be best to talk to a local agent or read views and reviews on the web.  Make sure that you are getting information from the right source or you could well bet entangled in a yet another myth. Insurance is a serious matter for any business and its vehicles. Find an expert to get the right coverage for your business.

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