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Customized Shop Insurance Coverage

Written by Michael on . Posted in Business Insurance 101

There are plans to customize insurance covers on different levels specific to cover the liability for both the business owner and clientele. Referred to as the garage keepers insurance policy, the policy covers both liability responsibility and the customers vehicles while it is still in the repair shop. The garage insurance protects the business owner against theft, or any damage to the customer’s car due to a mechanic’s negligence.  However, under the general liability insurance, the cost of the vehicle repairs is not covered, unless and until, the customer has opted for a comprehensive coverage.

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Do you need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Written by Michael on . Posted in Business Insurance 101, Business Owners Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is different from regular auto insurance, as the insurance here covers the vehicle that is being driven or used for commercial purpose. The aim of the insurance is to protect business owners as well as their employees, if involved with an auto accident.

If you are running a business that makes use of vehicles for transportation or delivery purposes, like the car rental services, or food delivery business, you are expected to carry a certain commercial liability insurance.  The commercial vehicle insurance will keep your business protected from financial responsibility, in case of an accident. You will also need an auto insurance if you are a commercial driver. As a business owner, you should know the commercial insurance is carried by the business and does it include the Commercial auto insurance. If yes, then does it comprise of collision coverage, motorist coverage and comprehensive coverage. Once you have some clear answers, then you will have a fairly good idea about the commercial vehicle insurance you are carrying and if there is any need to buy more.

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