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Extending The Commercial General Liability Insurance

Written by Michael on . Posted in General Liability Insurance

The purpose of Commercial General Liability or CGL is to protect business owners against claims of liability for any property damage, personal or body injury that occur on the premises of your business operations.  It also covers bodily injury and property damage that is caused by your products or work that occurs away from your business premises.

One also comes across the term – Excess liability insurance or Umbrella liability insurance, that takes care of losses that exceed the limits of CGL policy. Here, the insured gets liability coverage for all those risks that are not covered in the basic commercial general liability. The prime aim of this insurance is to offer protection against any kind of financial loss or damage caused by your services, products, business operations and even your workers. For example, any injury to your customer who may slip or trip at your business premise will be covered.

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Protecting Your Work with a Liability Insurance

Written by Michael on . Posted in General Liability Insurance

The success of a business is measured by the growth of the company. It needs to adapt itself according to the needs of their customers and also adopt new business strategies which comply with the new market conditions. However, when changing the dynamics of your company, it is bound to affect the insurances of the company. So, when is the good time to warrant a review of the liability insurance in case there is a major change?

In case you are shifting your company or adding something major to it, it is a wise option to contact your insurance agent to get a revised quote for your business insurance. If your company has a general policy for liability and property, or separate policies for business and property, the insurance depends upon the value of your company, building type and the area your office occupies. Increasing the office area can have a major effect since the risks due to perils related to it also increase, and protecting yourself and your company from such liabilities is a wise thing to do. You must keep your insurance agent informed about your physical location at all times.

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Business Insurance Tips to Get Savvier

Written by Michael on . Posted in Business Insurance Tips

It is true that business insurance tends to be more complex than other insurances.  But with a little more knowledge and information, it doesn’t have to be. Sure, there are different insurances available for your business that cover just about every aspect of your business and make sure that you are safe from all angles. As a business owner, you need to be savvy about these aspects and see how you can take some well informed decisions when it comes to insuring your business. This is one of the important business insurance tips to keep in mind. Getting the right kind of coverage will fill up those gaps and provide protection when you need it the most.

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Multiple Benefits of Employers Liability Insurance

Written by Michael on . Posted in Employers Liability Insurance

One very important protection for a business is the employer’s liability insurance. The advantages associated with this kind of insurance are major, especially for companies with employees. Those businesses who tend to ignore the employers liability, often have to face severe consequences. Today it is a legally required to get employers’ liability insurance for all those who have a working staff under them. This is an indication that you take good care of your staff and are concerned about their welfare. Still, survey shows that many of the businesses remain uninsured.

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Business Coverage That You May Not Be Aware of

Written by Michael on . Posted in Business Owners Insurance

Business owners Policy is the most common policy that one comes across for small businesses. It offers cover for all the risks involved with liability and property insurance. However, business owners are not completely aware of other policy coverage. This is what we are going to shed light on this page.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

The employment practices liability insurance takes care of damages that include violation of the civil or other legal rights of the employee. The insurance also takes care of legal defense costs too.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Liability

In some of the businesses, we often find services like making recommendations, offering advice, providing physical care, etc. This can often lead to being sued by the customers for any injury or damage to them that is claimed due to the failure of the business to do a job properly. The errors and omissions liability insurance take care of these situations and offers legal defense costs.

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