Why Rent Guarantee Insurance Matters Now More Than Ever

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In case someone else’s business is running at your property, it is essential to get familiar with Rent Guarantee Insurance, what it is all about and what are the benefits. When landlords invest in property, they want to be sure that all sorts of potential issues are well taken care of. The landlord insurance policies generally cover them against non-payment of the rent or any other event. They are covered for expenses for evictions, damage by a tenant, etc.

Protecting rent and investment

There are circumstances that may arise and your tenant might not adhere to your contractual agreements and may ask for reduced rent or pay later. When this happens and the tenant simply fails to pay, those landlords without a rent guarantee insurance may have to prepare for the worst. Getting a Rent Guarantee Insurance ensures that the rental income is safe.

No Need to Chase the Tenants

One of the biggest benefits of having the insurance is that the landlords need not chase up tenants of follow lengthy court procedures that can take your time and energy and squeeze the cash.  Getting the insurance helps reduce the process and cover the legal costs.

The latest survey shows a fast rise in the disputes between the landlords and the tenants. Therefore, one cannot undermine the importance of such insurance cover. There are some recent changes that already benefit the system by decreasing the amount some can claim as well as making direct payments to the tenants. Because of all these reasons, it is all the more important for the landlords to be hit by non-payment. Getting the rent guarantee insurance will not only ensure legal costs but also help mitigate losses. It is essential to prevent the catch-22 situation where the tenant is unable to pay the rent if he is cash strapped.

Living under the constant fear of a tenant who can’t, or won’t pay the rent is the worst nightmare of every landlord. The landlord can be utterly disappointed to find that the rent that is not paid isn’t covered. Most landlord insurance policies cover the buildings, contents, legal cover, emergency assistance, etc. But this will not cover the rent or the losses in case the tenant falls into arrears. This is the reason why landlords need rent guarantee insurance for added protection. Therefore, protect your property and investment with the help of Rent Guarantee Insurance.


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